Latest Releases

Exception_DefaultHandler 1.0.3 (stable)
June 2nd 2018: N/A
PHPOF 1.0.14 (stable)
June 1st 2018: See SVN.
PHPOF 1.0.13 (stable)
September 11th 2017: See SVN.
Exception_DefaultHandler 1.0.2 (stable)
September 10th 2017: N/A
PHPOF 1.0.12 (stable)
September 7th 2017: See SVN.

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Tim Jackson's PEAR channel

Welcome to Tim Jackson's PEAR channel server. This primarily distributes packages for WADF and PHPOF.

Using this channel

To add this channel to your PEAR install, use:

pear channel-discover

Then you will be able to install packages by using:

pear install timj/package_name